World Series by Renault 2012 – Bouncy Castle Moscow

One of the great things about visiting a World Series by Renault weekend is that it is family friendly, and there’s plenty to do away from the track in addition to watching some great racing on it.

So one day, in a quiet bar just outside Monaco during the Grand Prix, presenter Gemma Scott and producer Nick Kennerley came up with the crazy notion of taking the team mechanics away from the serious work of looking after the cars in the garages and introducing them to the viewers on the bouncy castle. As the series progressed nearly every team happily volunteered their mechanics for this somewhat less than serious feature, proving that it’s good not to take everything too seriously especially in sport.

However when we turned up with the Spanish Pons Racing team to bounce on bouncy castle at the first ever event at the new Moscow Raceway Circuit, it took some explaining about what exactly we wanted film. Needless to say a good time was had by all and enhanced our reputation as the mad British crew working in the paddock.