World Series by Renault 2012 – Grid Walk Barcelona Race 1

This is a clip from one of the World Series by Renault programmes from 2012 and shows the grid walk before the first Formula 3.5 race from the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. We really look forward to filming grid walks in the build up to a motor racing event, partly because they are potentially so hazardous. Not only are we up against time, but we have no idea who we are likely to bump into – literally, and the grid is always packed full of personalities as well as drivers, mechanics, team bosses and VIPs.

The Thumbnail photo shows presenter Gemma Scott talking to the legendary racing driver Alain Prost, who is a great supporter of the World Series by Renault, which itself is the most important feeder into Formula 1.

The grid walk is not an easy thing for a presenter to execute successfully. Many have tried, but only Martin Brundle and Gemma Scott know how to do it well.

The World Series by Renault was produced by Eel Pie Films for ESPN.